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Russell Tondre, Owner

Tondre the Titan was born into a family line of Greats. Trailing on stories of past kingdoms, Tondre built a kingdom of his own among the hills of Saint Anthonius. He was sent to study in the Monastery where he was taught by the greatest leaders of human history. Tondre learned the importance of leadership, which led to his journey to create the greatest team for his empire. Along his journey of conquest, he befriended Solomon the Wise and Eddie the Forager and created The Tondre Allegiance. With their help and the mightiness of a Titan, Tondre built an empire that is now known as Alamo City Comics. People from all across the land flock to find the best adventures known to mankind.

Eddie Juarez, General Manager

One fateful summer day, Eddie was camping with his kids, when they ran across the elusive Prince Cobra. Eddie's keen eye enabled him to push his kids out of danger but not before he was bitten. Instead of hurting him, the rare venom heightened his senses. His keen eye strengthened by 1000%, allowing him to find the best deals in the market. His sense of smell strengthened as well, allowing him to sniff out the best prices in the industry. With such powers come grand responsibilities and Eddie uses them to find the best action figures for his customers. He can find the rarest, hidden, and most elusive pieces in the market.

Superpowers Include: Elite hunting skills, elusiveness, charm, and heightened senses

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Solomon White, Assistant Manager

Ancient legend says that those born under the lunar eclipse possess unimaginable powers. Solomon the Wise was one of these gifted beings. Born with the ability of telekinesis and telepathy, he studied in the School of the Gifted to hone his skills. He now uses his power to find the interests of his customers’ and understand their needs & likes in order to provide the most relevant comic books of past and future epochs. Solomon brings forth his telekinesis and telepathy to offer a unique and spell-bounding experience at Alamo City Comics.